Mustang Mach E: 230 MPG of Mind Blowing Style and Performance

There was a time when electric vehicles were, let’s say, boring. They were not associated with style or power—but that is beginning to change. One incredibly eye-catching example is the Mustang Mach E.
The sleek look is reminiscent of the Mustang you know and love with a modern twist. It’s also an SUV, but you might have to look twice to realize that because of the sleek design. The new Mustang Mach E will be available in more than half a dozen colors, including Rapid Red Metallic that may remind you of the iconic Candy Apple Red. Highly-anticipated, this SUV is a head turner but it’s not all about looks.
If you like to beat the other guys at the red lights, you may not think an electric car could do the trick, but the Mustang SUV is surprisingly quick. How quick? An impressive 0-60 in 3 to 6 seconds depending on the model. That means you can beat the guys in the gas guzzlers while enjoying the Mustang Mach E’s 230 MPG.

Other features include:

– Available in AWD or RWD
– Eligible for the $7,500 Tax Credit
– Range of 300 Miles
– Innovative Onboard Tech Including Automated Driver Personalization
– Waterproof, 4.8 Cubic Foot Front Truck
– Lots of Leg Room
– Starting Price of $43,895

It’s Like Electric, But With the Same Style, Comfort, and Power

The Mustang SUV offers a compelling option to those who’ve thought about going electric but didn’t want to give up style, comfort, and power. If the Mustang Mach E performs as well as expected upon its late 2020 release (the First Edition reservations are already full), other electric car makers will be scrambling to step up their game—and it wouldn’t be the first time the Mustang shook up the vehicle industry.
Thinking about becoming part of the Mustang family once these electric powerhouses hit the lot? Flint Hills Auto is the area’s trusted Ford dealer. Stop by to chat about the Mustang Mach E ahead of its release or come by to see it in person later in the year.