2020 Ford Bronco Will Be The Revival Of An American Legend

It’s looking like the 2020 Ford Bronco will be late to the party, making it more accurately called the 2021 Ford Bronco. It’s a classic American model that’s unique in how common it is for people to use “Ford” almost always when referring to the Bronco. The Ford company is smart to take advantage of that trend.

UPDATE: Read the latest information from the July 2020 Ford Bronco announcement

2020 Ford Bronco Will Be The Revival Of An American Legend

Stepping off the assembly line in 1996, the Ford Bronco has existed much like popular TV shows that came to an end but were later revived due to public outcry. The Bronco came to symbolize an age of rugged power vehicles and gas guzzling engines coming to an end. It is rare in the auto world to see a vehicle model revived, but many think the newest Bronco will fill the growing need of a mid-size SUV in the Ford lineup. What’s special about this model is that car buyers will find a wider range of options and upgrades available to this version, something more catered to the auto market of the new century.
At this point it’s worth noting that there is plenty of rumor mixed with fact as the 2020 Bronco release has generated more than the usual buzz for a new SUV on the market. But first, it’s safe to say it qualifies as an SUV with 4 and 6 cylinder options, and a 10-speed-automatic-transmission.
Also for off-road enthusiasts, there’s a Raptor type option that will turn heads for those looking for a meaner, rougher look that we’ve seen in other Ford off-road models. Landing on the compact-to-midsize range for SUVs at 200 inches, part of the appeal of the “fun” vibe of smaller SUVs reminds us why these models have gained so much popularity in recent years.
Adding to the rugged vibes of the Bronco, there’s a sporty feature that includes a convertible, removable roof with six panels. Ford is certainly attempting to mimic the popularity of Jeep Wrangler type vehicles, and appeal to the sporty, outdoor market of car buyers. Bronco enthusiasts will be pleased to know the Bronco is returning to its classic roots with the classic round headlights seen in early models, giving it a fresh retro look. This time around, Ford has added several two tone options to tap into the retro charm.

No V8 Engine But Plenty Of Power

As far as function, the Bronco will have better use as a “desert runner” type vehicle rather than the slow, rock crawling types of SUVs that may have marketed as such in the past. High speed is right because the power is there at 270 and 325 horsepower engines, plenty of power for a V6 engine. Sadly, enthusiasts will be disappointed with no V8 option found in former models of the Bronco.
Ford has announced that it will reduce its lineup, focusing more on a few models that they believe appeal to global buyers looking for a classic American auto appeal as well as functional sport utility.
And with more options, comes the more luxury offerings like the Platinum edition that’s been rumored to appear when the Bronco is released. Unfortunately as of February 2020, we haven’t seen the Bronco released just yet, but within the year it’s expected to appear.
Rumors also say that Ford modified what was to become the Ranger, with an understandable similarity in those two vehicles.
With less officially announced by Ford than the deluge of rumors around the web, it’s best to sit and wait at this point. If you’re a more curious type then by all means set up that Google alert notification for the new Ford Bronco and get the firehose of buzz leading up to the release. I don’t blame you for wanting to learn as much as possible. The Ford Bronco is a classic American SUV and Ford is making a smart move in bringing this fun model back on the line!